How Ubuy Influencer Program Works

You are our vital asset to help us reach a wider audience.
Let us tell you how you can increase the weight of your wallet -

Step 1

Choose Your Social Media Interest

Pick out the one in which you can perform satisfactorily.

Step 2

Develop Fresh, Unique, and Interesting Content

Select the brands and products you would like to use and create fabulous content.

Step 3

Fill Your Pockets

Your efforts need a favourable payment! Let it reach the target and the benefits are yours!

Why Choose Ubuy Over Other
Micro Influencers?

  • We are a cross border shopping platform that delivers services worldwide. This will be helpful for you to increase likes, views, subscribers and followers.
  • We have an eccentric collection of 100+ million unique products that cannot be easily found anywhere else. The international products will compel your audience to reach you for more information.
  • We provide the best deals, discounts, offers and coupons for shopping with the global brands.
  • You can perform influencing from anywhere as we have a reach to more than 180 countries, check our global presence at
  • Influence at your convenience as we do not have any bonds or agreement criteria.

Perks of Choosing Ubuy

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Coupon/vouchers to
shop from Ubuy
Random Gifts

Choose The Right Platform & Share
Everything You Create

  • Please choose atleast one platform.








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